Purpose: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the perspectives of pediatric and adult gastroenterologists on the clinical utility and feasibility of the Pediatric IBD Medical Transfer Summary (PIBD-MTS) tool, which is aimed to synopsize the salient aspects of a young adult's prior pediatric medical course, as a tool to be shared with the receiving adult provider in the transfer of care process.

Specific Aims:

The ICN Transition and Transfer Committee developed the PIBD-MTS as a collaboration amongst pediatric and gastroenterologists, psychologists, young adults of PAC, and parents of PWG. The summary has undergone multiple revisions, including adaption for electronic medical records. Feedback from both pediatric and adult gastroenterologists has been largely qualitative, with infrequent patient-specific feedback.

  • We will assess pediatric provider satisfaction with the PIBD-MTS, including time spent for completion and content
  • We will assess adult provider satisfaction with the PIBD-MTS, including time spent reviewing information, completeness, and quality of information related to IBD care.

Study Period: March 2021-March 2023

Contact: Jeanne Tung

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