Purpose: This study uses data from the ImproveCareNow Registry to examine the duration and effectiveness of Adalimumab therapy in pediatric Crohn’s Disease within the ICN network.  This knowledge is an important step in learning how to optimize the use of Adalimumab.

Funding Source: AbbVie (2016)

Study Period: 2015-2017

Recruitment Status: This study makes use of existing data in the ICN registry. 

Contact: ImproveCareNow Research 

More Information:

ImproveCareNow registry used to evaluate use of concomitant immunomodulators with adalimumab therapy in Crohn's Disease

Evaluation of adalimumab effectiveness in anti-tumor necrosis factor-naïve pediatric patients with Crohn's disease in clinical practice

Putting Data to Work to Answer Questions: Evaluation of Adalimumab Effectiveness

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