Overall Study Question: Initial data review of the ICN registry has found that since 2014, nearly 600 patients have undergone colectomy. We suspect that deeper review of this patient population is likely to provide insight for clinical care in addition to identifying variation in care delivery across the ICN network, thus making this patient cohort important for further data analysis. Ultimately, this deeper evaluation could provide insight toward improving patient outcomes.

Specific Aims: We would like to review clinical variables including BMI prior to colectomy, medication exposures prior to colectomy, time from diagnosis to colectomy, incidence rates of colectomy among patients newly diagnosed with UC in ICN database.
We also suspect there could be variation in colectomy rates or treatment approaches across the collaborative between academic vs nonacademic center, regional variation, public vs commercial insurance, and possible trends of biological treatment prior to colectomy.

Study Period: starting in January 2023

Contact: Brendan Boyle and Sabina Ali

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