The Communications task force work to raise awareness for the PAC and ImproveCareNow via social media. The PAC is active on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat (follow @ICNPatients). When the PAC is visible on social media, it raises awareness for who the PAC is and how to get involved. PAC members also regularly contribute to ImproveCareNow’s blog, LOOP.

Past Projects:

@ICNPatients: The PAC is on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to raise awareness. ImproveCareNow is very active on social media, which allows us to interact with the Network and with staff at each of ImproveCareNow’s 100+ centers. It also helps increase the PAC’s visibility, which extends the reach and impact of the group. 

A Year in Review: A blog post is also written at the end of the year to summarize what the PAC has accomplished. This is a good recruitment tool for the PAC as it can be sent to prospective members to demonstrate what the PAC is capable of achieving.

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