ImproveCareNow centers work hard to provide excellent care for pediatric patients and their families. The seamless sharing of clinical tools and approaches among participating centers is a vital part of their success. Now, we aim to codesign more tools & materials to share with and support patients and families in their day-to-day lives.


Recent examples of toolkits and guides, created by members of the ImproveCareNow community, have been shared widely and received extremely positive and grateful feedback. These include Finding a Mental Health Provider for your Child and Teen with IBD (developed by the Psychosocial Professionals Group) and The Ostomy Toolkit (developed by the Patient Advisory Council).

Now, we want to hear from you:

What are your ideas for additional tools for patients and families that you wish were available?

Are there gaps that you’d like the ImproveCareNow Community to fill?

Note that your idea may form the basis of a collaborative community activity at our upcoming Spring 2017 Community Conference!

Please comment on this post, or contact us directly, to share your ideas.



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