Hi, I am a 16-year-old high school student diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I am a part of the varsity tennis team, Model UN, French Club, National French Honors Society, and High Pride. The most interesting thing people don't know about me is that I was the champion child of the year for the Children’s Miracle Network at my local hospital.

The greatest struggle I have faced with Crohn's is the many side effects of the medications. For a long time, I was on a generic of Lialda and I experienced severe stomach cramps daily. Currently, I struggle with eczema and psoriasis from my Remicade infusions. I am also iron deficient and sometimes anemic. When I was younger (I was diagnosed at age 3), I had many side effects from steroids. Then there are the financial side effects that go along with having to pay for treatments. This causes stress on my family, especially as costs have gone up over the years and dealing with insurance is a hassle for my Mom.

Despite these struggles, I love to work out and play tennis. I think these activities help me overcome pain and distract myself. Through it all, I have learned that I am brave and can handle whatever is thrown at me. I appreciate that even though I have a disease, I can overcome obstacles.

I was attracted to the PAC because I really have not connected with kids my own age who have Crohn’s, even though I was diagnosed 13 years ago.  I am really excited to be able to talk with people that have gone through similar experiences. Being a part of an organization that helps kids and is an outreach program for IBD is really neat. I think hearing what other people have gone through can help me appreciate my journey and the health I currently have. Since I have lived with Crohn’s most of my life, I can really be a good person to talk with, especially because I have experienced so many life stages with this disease.

My goals with PAC are to really be a part of bringing more awareness to Crohn's and reaching out to connect with new patients. I am a great public speaker and would love to give speeches and be in a leadership role within the PAC.


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