Today, I am writing about another food that I think has been vital along my IBD journey: energy bars. Whether you believe these bars truly give you instant energy or not, they have been extremely helpful (and tasty) to me at many different points in time.

*Disclaimer* I am not giving any medical or dietary advice. I am only saying what has worked for me.

One example of how energy bars have helped me is when I was not at home and could not find any foods that fit into my diet. In those moments, bars were life-savers because they provided me with something filling, nutritious and digestible to eat when I was hungry.

I also love bars because, for the most part, they taste really good. Some of my favorite bars to eat include:

  • Clif KidZ bars (chocolate brownie and chocolate chip flavor)
  • NuGo Dark bars (chocolate chocolate chip flavor)
  • NuGo Slim bars (crunchy peanut butter flavor)
  • I also like most other bars that are peanut butter, chocolate, or peanut butter and chocolate flavored.

There have definitely been times when I feel tempted to eat multiple bars in one sitting or have one every day. But I know that the best thing is to use them as a safety net for when there are no other foods or snacks available. I try to limit myself to a bar only every two to three days. However, I am usually secretly hoping that there are no approved snacks just so I can get my hands on another bar 😉

What are your favorite bars or snacks you have on hand for when you can’t find anything else to eat?

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