One of the opportunities that active PAC members have is to work on the creation of PAC toolkits. These resources cover many different topics related to life with IBD, but they all share one important thing in common - they are for patients, by patients

In episode 20 of the imPACt podcast, PAC toolkit leads - Anya, Becky & Hannah - took to their mics to recap two new resources that are coming soon. They also shared some of the behind the scenes work that happens to bring a PAC toolkit to life. We hope you'll listen in to learn more about two NEW PAC toolkits that are on the horizon and how these IBD resources get co-produced 💚💙

Here's where to listen:


imPACt is a podcast launched by the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of ImproveCareNow in early 2021, where members talk openly about IBD with a goal of raising awareness and inclusivity, and connecting with listeners, each other, and podcast guests. Episodes will be hosted on Anchor by Spotify and be made available on other major podcast platforms. Subscribe to receive new episodes in your podcast feeds!
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