Medications and biologic drugs are often a big part of managing IBD. Shira and I (Fionna) were texting about our personal experiences with meds and biologics when we realized others in the IBD community might benefit from being able to listen in on our conversation. So, we decided to make a podcast episode about it! 

Episode 25 of imPACt is about patient experiences with IBD meds & biologics

Medications and biologic drugs have been part of our UC treatment plans and we noticed during our conversation that our experiences differ a lot. In this episode, you'll hear us chatting about what it's been like switching biologics, how attitudes around biologic drugs can influence the patient experience, and the psychological difficulties of medical decisions. We also talk about a few things that have helped us communicate better with our health care providers during medication changes and how we try to manage our expectations while going through medical transitions.

Listen in to hear more about our experiences with IBD, meds & biologics ↓

*NOTE: The conversation in this podcast episode is not medical or treatment advice. While we do mention medications and biologic drugs by name, we are only sharing our personal experiences using them. If you have questions about anything we discuss, or how it might relate to your IBD care, make an appointment to talk with your health care provider. 


imPACt is a podcast launched by the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of ImproveCareNow in 2021, where PAC members talk openly about Inflammatory Bowel Disease with a goal of increasing awareness, education & inclusivity while connecting with listeners, each other, and podcast guests. Episodes are hosted on Spotify and other major podcast platforms. Subscribe to receive updates about new episodes in your podcast feeds!
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