At the Spring ICN Community Conference, PAC members led breakout sessions on the important topics of self-advocacy and pediatric-to-adult transition. In this episode of the imPACt podcast we continue the conversation about these topics with special guest, and PAC alumna, Sami Kennedy. 

As one of the first three patients to ever attend an ICN Community Conference, Sami has long been a patient advocate. In this episode she discusses how others can step into and embrace this role. Sami is an IBD patient herself and a former co-chair of the Patient Advisory Council; she is a co-developer of The Transfer Toolkit. She joined us on the podcast to share her unique perspective - as a medical student and now a practicing physician - on the transition from pediatric to adult IBD care.

Join us for Episode 4 of the imPACt podcast. Here's where to find us:


The Transfer Toolkit
The Transfer Toolkit is a 10-page document collaboratively created in 2018 by the Transition-Transfer Innovation Community and reviewed by the Patient Advisory Council and Clinical Practice Committee. Developed by patients and clinicians together, The Transfer Toolkit includes sections that cover important skills and considerations for adolescents approaching the point of transfer to adult care, self-advocacy tips, and more. Each section also includes relevant patient narratives to provide encouragement and real-life advice.
imPACt is a podcast launched by the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of ImproveCareNow in early 2021, where members talk openly about IBD with a goal of raising awareness and inclusivity, and connecting with listeners, each other, and podcast guests. Episodes will be hosted on Anchor by Spotify and be made available on other major podcast platforms. Subscribe to receive new episodes in your podcast feeds!
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