Did you miss us? We briefly interrupted our regular, every-other-Friday podcast release schedule. It was for a really good cause though - we released a special episode of imPACt to celebrate World IBD Day (May 19) and talk about the importance of Advocacy! Now we're back and hope you'll join us today for our chat about IBD & Identity.

Listen in as we (Becky, Maddie, and Fionna) talk about the complexity of IBD and identity. We share how IBD and identity interconnect and impact how patients connect with others, including the ways our identities impacts our IBD care. 

Join us for Episode 7 of the imPACt podcast where we'll be highlighting the individuality of identity and how we identify with IBD as patients. 

Here's where to find us:


imPACt is a podcast launched by the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of ImproveCareNow in early 2021, where members talk openly about IBD with a goal of raising awareness and inclusivity, and connecting with listeners, each other, and podcast guests. Episodes will be hosted on Anchor by Spotify and be made available on other major podcast platforms. Subscribe to receive new episodes in your podcast feeds!
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