[editor's note: graphic image below]


I came upon some interesting things when cleaning out my email archive recently. Turns out that I’m an email hoarder. Who’d have thunk? My favorite find is the picture which I will explain shortly.


Confirmation of receipt of my rebate submission from June 2009?


Airline tickets for a trip completed in November 2008?


Login information for websites and companies that are now out of business?


Good stuff.



But the best memory was this picture. That’s a colon. Out of the body. Not my colon, mind you, but a colon.


It’s the colon of a guy who I “coached” through his colectomy about 3 or 4 years after my colectomy.


The surgeon (holding the disemboweled colon) is the same guy who cut me.


And when I first received this picture several years ago, I was mad.  REALLY MAD.  There are no pictures of my colon. My colon went where pathologists discard diseased tissue and organs. I don’t know where that is, but there’s a place. I know there’s a place.


My colon is like my baseball card collection when I was 7 all over again. It’s gone (the cards are buried beneath 35+ years of garbage at the dump, so good luck finding those valuable cards)—never to return.


Jedediah’s surgeon thought I was nuts when I told him to take a picture of Jed’s colon after it was out. I wanted it for posterity (or posteriority—get it? POSTERIORITY? No, it’s not about posters, it’s about posteriors!).


They actually snapped a picture of Jedediah’s colon SITTING ON TOP OF HIS ABDOMEN! Like inside BUT OUTSIDE! It’s a classic. Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital copy, and the resolution is kind of 1980s-ish, but I know what it is. And that’s what counts.


Anyway, enjoy the colon!

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