Welcome and Overview

A Decade of Improving Care Together

Sarah Myers, RN, MPH - ImproveCareNow Executive Improvement Director
Peter Margolis, MD, PhD - ImproveCareNow Executive Scientific Director


ICNspire! Quality Improvement Stories & Inspiration from ImproveCareNow Centers

Levine Children’s Hospital

Ryan Shonce, NP - Advanced Practice Clinician


Dayton Children’s Hospital

Kelly Sandberg, MD - Physician Leader


Bon Secours St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital

Melissa Anderson, LPN - Improvement Coordinator


Learning Together

ImproveCareNow Data & How We Coproduce Research in ImproveCareNow

Steve Steiner, MD - ICN Research Committee Co-Chair & Riley Hospital for Children Physician Leader
Jim Chalex - ICN Parent Working Group Research Subcommittee Chair


Building Our Community: A Growing & Dynamic Portfolio of Parent & Patient Driven Projects

Parent Working Group: Partnering to Improve Care for the Pediatric IBD Community

Deb Ostiguy - ICN Parent Working Group Communications Lead


Patient Advisory Council: Growing Up, Improving, and Leading with IBD

Alex Jofriet - ICN Patient Advisory Council Co-Chair


Working Together for Local Impact

Ben Gold, MD - Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite – GI Care for Kids Physician
Gisele Woodward - ICN Parent Working Group & PRODUCE Study Team

Getting Involved and Finding your Place in Our Community

So Many Ways to Participate!

Sarah Myers, RN, MPH - ImproveCareNow Executive Improvement Director

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