I have been part of the PAC since August 2016. Getting started, I never knew that joining the PAC would be so life-changing for me. I never dreamed of being a part of something as innovative as I believe ImproveCareNow is. From my perspective, no other healthcare network has accomplished so much as ImproveCareNow. As a patient, it allows me to boast on those accomplishments, and it motivates me to work harder in doing my part to grow the network. Wait, but what is my role? The patient’s role?

As a patient advocate, I have been able to find a place for myself within ICN. I can advocate for patients across the network, using my voice to be a representative for them. I can share with care providers my unique perspective on issues that pertain to my own care and the care of my peers. I have found my place in ICN, and I have found I can make a difference.

Over the past two Community Conferences, that I have been able to attend, I have heard various people share ways that people can find their place within the network. And I know that ImproveCareNow is always working to make sure everyone has a place and a role to play in this growing healthcare network. We are all improvers, after all, and everyone benefits from being connected with each other to share ideas and experiences, and to bring their talents to bear as we all work towards our shared goal of improving health and care for all young patients with IBD.

I have come to feel like this is my home – myICNhome! And in my home, we don't just talk about change, we act and we make a difference - together. The ICN core values do an outstanding job reflecting what this community of people is all about.

We learn together, are always improving, practice honesty & transparency, and welcome everyone by making sure they have a place within ICN.

I am so grateful that, as a patient, I have a place within ICN and that I get to call this oasis myICNhome. It is a home, and I am blessed with an awesome ICN family. This will always be a home for me, and I will always be a part of this ICN family. Once an improver, always an improver.

Thank you ImproveCareNow!


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