My brother has ulcerative colitis. For too long, I watched him suffer without access to the things he needed (education about the disease, a treatment that worked and that he was on board with, support and understanding). My brother, and everyone living with IBD, deserves to have access to all the tools, information, resources and support needed to not just survive with IBD – but to thrive.

Members of ImproveCareNow have worked together to create tools and resources that have helped, including Finding a Mental Health Provider, Traveling with IBD, and How to Set Up and Use Accommodations that have made the journey with IBD easier.

I’m grateful to have had access to this information and now I want to give back. But what do I have to give? The same thing others in ImproveCareNow give – my knowledge and experience. I know my family’s IBD journey – I know what we needed, and when we needed it. So, I took 5 minutes and filled out a survey.


"Giving feedback allows ICN to create resources that best help patients and their families. It's an easy way to get involved and a great opportunity to use your voice to improve your health care." – Becky, patient

Every person’s IBD journey is unique. In 2019, ICN is committed to learning more about your journey to improve how and when tools, resources, stories & support are shared with you and your family; so you can count on having what you need, when you need it.

Help ensure every family has access to what they need, when they need it by filling out a brief survey about the resources you use or would recommend for managing IBD.

“Organizations like ImproveCareNow are vital in making sure that patients and parents are included in shaping care. Giving feedback to ICN is one of the most influential ways to make sure the patient and parent voice is being heard!” – Catalina, patient

The strength of ImproveCareNow has always been that we learn from each other. We want to learn from you ➡


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