I've been sharing my experience with foods that I eat as a vegetarian living with ulcerative colitis. Today, I'm writing about my favorite way to eat pasta (hint: it's green). 

My brother and I both love pasta - and from the time we were young we've only liked pesto sauce. There is something about how the fresh basil makes the sauce so aromatic. Traditionally, we have pasta with pesto and a side of stir fried broccoli on the days we have tennis lessons in the evening.

My Mom makes her own pesto without cheese (vegan). We've also found a great vegan pesto at our local natural food store and it's been a must-have in our home for a while now. Even though I don't follow a gluten-free diet, I feel better not loading up on gluten all the time. The same store where we found the vegan pesto also offers a great gluten free pasta. It's made with only rice and lentil flour, no other added ingredients and tastes great.

If you are a pasta lover, but you need to avoid gluten and dairy, you might want to give this combination of gluten free pasta and vegan pesto sauce a try.

What's your favorite pasta recipe?

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