Fellow Improvers,

As we enter the month of November, a month traditionally reserved for family gatherings and gratitude, I am reflecting on the start of my ImproveCareNow journey. Five months into this role, there are days I feel like I have been a part of our community forever and days when I feel like I will never learn enough about the network’s history and inner workings. What remains constant, is my commitment to and excitement about the work we are doing together and the passion with which we do it.

In just the last few months, we planned and executed our second Live Online Community Conference and began an upgrade and migration of the ICN Registry. We launched a CIRCLE Campaign in an effort to increase awareness of ImproveCareNow across patient and family communities and witnessed improvements in key measures that track care outcomes for our patients.

Before the end of the year, we look forward to welcoming patients and families to our Fall 2020 Virtual Community Conference and celebrating Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week.

Since joining the ImproveCareNow team, I have had the opportunity to work with PAC and physician leaders, our Board of Directors and amazing team of project and operations leads, quality improvement consultants and data analysts - just to name a few. I feel encouraged and heartened to see how well our community works together even while being dispersed across the nation. During this time when our country feels so divided, we remain united in our efforts to improve the health and lives of children and adolescents with IBD.

Thank you for welcoming me into the ICN family. I wish you a loving and safe holiday season and look forward to traveling the road ahead alongside of all of you.



ImproveCareNow Executive Director


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