Attention parents! Do you ever wish you knew more about the diagnosis, treatment, or management of your child’s IBD? Maybe you’ve wondered whether a certain drug or lifestyle change would help your child. Or maybe you are looking for information about the best ways to help your child take more responsibility for managing his or her IBD. These are important questions that research can help answer and there are many more just waiting to be asked!

ImproveCareNow is working to ensure the research we support is answering the questions that are important to your child and family. That’s why we are launching the Health Care Improvement Priorities Project, to identify questions that parents and youth believe are most important for researchers to address. You can help by sharing your questions and research ideas. All parents and youth aged 12-17 are encouraged to contribute.

Making your voice heard is simple! Let us know you are interested in sharing your questions and research ideas by sending an email to [email protected]. We’ll ask you and your child (if he or she is 12-17) to complete two brief online surveys over the next couple of months.

Using the survey results ImproveCareNow will generate a list of high priority research questions. But, don’t worry –no one will know how you or your child answered the surveys. We will also create a plan for how researchers can answer your questions and how ImproveCareNow members can help. 

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for youth and parents in the ImproveCareNow Network to shape the future of pediatric IBD research. Thank you in advance for contributing to this important initiative!

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