The ICN Research committee encourages everyone to submit research proposals even if you think the research process might be too intimidating or difficult. Because when we ask and answer questions about IBD together as a community, we can get even better results.

Why is your participation in research so important? 

The committee has realized the enormous impact that collaborative ICN research has on our medical community and our patient’s care. And, we have even measured this impact (Figure 1)

(Figure 1: As of June 1, 2022, 803 publications have cited ICN publications since 2011)

(Figure 1: As of June 1, 2022, 803 publications have cited ICN publications since 2011)

How to make the research process easier:

  • If you are a fellow, parent or a patient with a great idea for research, you will need to find a physician to help you formulate a research question. Don’t know how to get started? The ICN Research Committee can help.
  • If you are a physician, we want to hear about your research proposal
  • Research questions can be answered from prospective or retrospective data
  • Research questions are not limited to the ICN registry data parameters (for example surveys can be conducted through the network).

The ICN Research committee received 92 proposals from 2013-2022 and approved 79 of those proposals, which is an 85% approval rate (Figure 2)

The Committee will provide advice and feedback for all research proposals submitted. The proposal may require resubmission after addressing the committee’s feedback, concerns or questions. The Committee feedback can include but is not limited to survey revision, suggestions on parameters to include as part of the data collection, additional considerations for the research, etc. Don’t be discourage resubmit as it is only part of the process.

The Committee understands that the process takes time, but we want you to succeed at getting your questions answered. We know the potential and significant impact that your research ideas will have on our medical community, and strive to support successful research performance.

How to complete an application and submit your ICN research proposal: 

The ICN Research committee wants to hear your amazing research questions and ideas. Don’t wait, submit your proposal and let us know how we can help you help us!


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Put in your time and energy on behalf of someone else. No effort is too small, because everything we do in ImproveCareNow is magnified by the efforts of thousands of other improvers, and together we bring about a better quality of life for many. Here are some actions you can take, or invite others to take:
  • Invite someone to stay #InTheLOOP with IBD stories on the ICN blog "Sharing stories and experiences is affirming and validating. Our stories reach others and they help, which is the most wonderful part of being involved with ImproveCareNow." - Quint 
  • Invite a patient (14+) to join the Patient Advisory Council - "Being part of the PAC helps me remember that I'm not alone in this journey." - Rhea 
  • Invite a parent or family member of a child with IBD to join the Parent/Family Advisory Council - "I was astounded by the instant bond established with parents I had never met. Every conversation provided me with strength. It ignited another purpose in my life." - Maria
  • Invite someone to download free, co-produced IBD resources - "Physical resources provide patients with actions that we can take toward bettering our quality of life, as well as our current and future care." - Quint
  • Invite someone to Join Our CIRCLE - "Resources we found in CIRCLE eNews do not just focus on physical health, but also on critical areas like social-emotional needs, nutrition, back-to-school planning and mindfulness. These are valuable tools for my son to remain healthy." - Lisa

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