In this post, I decided to write about another staple of my diet: rice. As someone from southern India, my diet has always included rice, but it has become especially important as I have tried diets that limit gluten.

*Disclaimer* I am not giving any medical or dietary advice. I am only saying what has worked for me.

Recently, especially during the pandemic, I've noticed just how important rice is as a staple food for me (remember I'm a vegetarian who also lives with ulcerative colitis). There have been many days where I have eaten some form of rice both for lunch and dinner. For me, rice is easily digestible and simple to prepare, so I have even more reason to keep it as part of my diet. Here is one of my favorite rice recipes:

One of the best things about rice is the convenience. It can be stored in any sort of container and eaten hot or cold for the most part. I also really like that it goes well with pretty much any side dish or vegetable. While white rice is my favorite, there are other varieties, including brown rice and red rice.

Did you know that all natural forms of rice are gluten free?

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