Registry Freeze June 4 - July 1 

There will be a registry freeze from June 4 to July 1. During this time, the current registry will be turned off and the new registry will be prepped for launch. This freeze will prevent duplicate data entry and ensure greater accuracy in the transfer of your current data.

Beginning June 4, you will no longer be able to access the current registry. No later than July 1, registry access will resume only through the new registry on the HIVE platform. 

What does this mean for ICN Centers?

During this time there will be No data entry & No reports

ICN centers will need to pause data entry from June 5 through June 30. Please plan for this in advance to minimize disruption to your clinical workflow and processes. ICN centers should plan on resuming registry access on the new platform no later than July 1.

What do Centers Need to do Before June 4

1. Get Caught up on Data Entry

  • Run your reports in advance by Close of Business June 4 (regardless of time zone)
    • for example, download Decoder List, Non-compliant participants, ANY PVP/PM reports that are important to your center
  • Create a plan to...
    • track visits during the freeze
    • get caught up when the new registry launches
    • identify who else in your center can set aside time to help catch up on data entry after July 1
  • Share your plan with all your ICN team members

2. If you use Electronic Data Transfer...

  • Please reach out to your Epic, Cerner, or other EHR teams to let them know that files sent after June 3 will not be uploaded to the registry
  • These files should be held at your center until we are able to upload them to the new registry
  • Someone from Hive and ICN will be reaching out to the contact identified in your EDT survey
  • Reach out to Kate Harrow with any questions

3. Register for the Hub

  • You will need access to the ICN Hub in order to access the new Registry in July. Making a Hub account now will make requesting access to the new Registry in July much smoother.
  • Register for the Hub – use activation code BETTERTOGETHER
  • Additional information about the Hub, including User Guides, and how to whitelist, can be found here

What do Centers Need to do After July 1

1. Check your migrated data

2. Follow your plan to take care of back data entry. Our recommendation is to start with the most recent visits

3. Prepare for visits after the July 4th holiday

ImproveCareNow’s expectation is that data entry will be caught up by October 1. This will be three months after the registry opens, or one month for each week it was down

What does this mean for ICN Research studies?

ICN Centers involved in active research studies will receive a separate communication outlining modifications to their workflow.

✅ ICN LEGAL UPDATE! All sites have been sent their updated BAA and PDUA agreements, along with their pre-existing agreements and process documents. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa Mock or Kristin Howe directly with questions. Reminder: If your center has not signed all necessary legal agreements, you will not have access to the New Registry and/or your previous data on July 1. Reach out to Kristin Howe with questions on legal status.



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