The ICN Registry is on track for a full rebuild and migration by July 2021. Learn more about what this means for ICN Centers 

 ICN LEGAL UPDATE! All sites have been sent their updated BAA and PDUA agreements, along with their pre-existing agreements and process documents. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa Mock or Kristin Howe directly with questions.
To ensure that you have all the information you need to advocate for acceptance of these agreements, ICN is offering the following Physician Office Hours. Please feel free to join at any point to discuss questions or concerns about the new agreements and amendment.

We will also be offering Legal Office Hours for your sites legal representatives to do the same:

 REMINDER (Oct 2020): The reports below have been updated on our current registry to take into account the location of visit. If possible, please go into the registry and update all patient visits back through March 2020

  • The Exceptions Reports
  • Percent of Visits with a Complete Bundle
  • Percent of Visits with All Critical Data Recorded  

If a visit takes place via telehealth or phone, height, weight, nutrition & growth status, and abdominal exam are no longer considered critical data and won’t be included in the complete bundle.  However, if the location of visit is in person or missing, those elements will still be required.  We added the location of visit to the registry in June, but we encourage everyone to retroactively add that information for all patients back through March 2020 if possible.  Thanks to everyone for your patience!

The ICN2 Registry is the largest and fastest growing pediatric IBD registry in the world. If you have any questions regarding your data or use of the Registry, please email the ImproveCareNow Helpdesk >>

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