In ImproveCareNow we share seamlessly and steal shamelessly. The resources shared on our Tools webpage have been co-produced by members of the ICN Community and are freely available so others living with IBD can benefit from this collective wisdom and experience.

Here's are some resources to share with patients & families!

📌 We share many community-produced resources on our Wednesday Wisdom posts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter that can help patients & families in many ways. Some of these resources included preparing for Transition & Transfer of Care, Setting Up and Using Accommodations, Traveling with IBD, and College and IBD, and many more! Check out our posts - and please share!

📌 Shared Decision Making in IBD Surgery Resource: Should I Have IBD Surgery - A Shared Decision Making Tool, which was previewed at our Live Online Community Conference, is now available and may help patients with IBD understand their choices and think about what matters most to them when considering surgery.

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