Pre-work for the Fall 2019 Community Conference is determined by your center's Learning Lab.

Fundamentals - Due Sept. 13

Submit the Fundamentals Center Assessment to Kim Shelly, and bring a copy of your completed Center Assessment and QI Dashboard to the Conference.

Reinforcing Foundations - Due Sept. 13

Submit the Reinforcing Foundations Center Assessment to Theresa Todd.

Multidisciplinary PVP - Due Sept. 13

Submit the following to Mary Bauer:

  • A blank copy of your current PVP form.
  • Responses to these questions:
    • What improvements need to be made to the existing ICN PVP form in the ICN2 Registry to make it an effective tool?
    • What are the key components of an ideal PVP form?

Population Management - Due Sept. 13

Track failures that occur during your Population Management Process using this document and submit the final tallies via this survey.

Adherence - Bring printed or electronic copy to the conference

Select 1-2 weeks of patient appointments to review (can be prospective or retrospective) and answer the questions associated with each process step onĀ this document.

Clinical Standardization/Personalized Care - Due Sept. 17

Analyze you center's patient population (outlined in the survey) and submit final tallies via this survey.

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