9:30-10:15 am | Telemedicine in Response to COVID-19: What's Happening Now | Presentation

10:30-10:45 am | Welcome | Presentation

10:45-11:10 am | Opening Plenary | Presentation

11:10-11:25 am | Pathway to the Future | Presentation

11:25-11:35 am | Ignite Talk

11:45 am-12:30 pm | Community Proposed and ImproveCareNow Skill-Building Breakouts I

Clinical: Rapid Infliximab (IFX) Infusions, Use of Pre-medication and Infusions at Satellite Offices | Presentation

Data: Driving Data Outcomes - Findings from the ICN Annual Data Report and Data Quality Tool | Presentation

Engagement: IBD and Lifestyles | Presentation

Psychosocial: Integrating Mental Health into IBD Care | Presentation

QI: QI Basics | Presentation

12:45-1:35 pm | Learning Along our Pathway: Center Application of Learning Lab Activities | Presentation

Remission Pathway: Population Management - Nemours Jacksonville

Remission Pathway: Pre-Visit Planning - CHOA

Sustained Remission Pathway: Adherence - CHKD

Sustained Remission Pathway: CS/PC - Iowa

1:45-2:45 pm | ImproveCareNow Pathways

(All Pathway Presentations are shared on the ICN Portal Learning Lab pages)

Foundations Pathway: Fundamentals and Reinforcing Foundations Learning Labs | Presentation

Remission Pathway: Pre-Visit Planning and Population Management Learning Labs | Presentation

Sustained Remission Pathway: Adherence Learning Lab | Presentation

Sustained Remission Pathway: Clinical Standardization / Personalized Care Learning Lab | Presentation | Portal Handout

3:00-3:40 pm | Co-Producing What I Need, When I Need It: Shared Decision Making in IBD Surgery and the Disordered Eating Toolkit | Presentation

Should I have IBD Surgery - Shared Decision Making Tool

3:50-4:35 pm | Community Proposed and ImproveCareNow Skill Building Breakouts II

Clinical: Increased Utilization of Biosimilars at a Pediatric IBD Center | Presentation

Psychosocial: Hospitalizations and Trauma | Presentation

Research: Research Trailblazers - Improving Research through Lean Methodologies | Presentation

Technology: Increasing Patient and Family Awareness - The Foundation of the Engagement Journey | Presentation

Other: Transition and Transfer Center Experience | Presentation | CHOC Presentation | Arnold Palmer Presentation  | Rady Presentation

4:45 pm | Pathway to the Future: ImproveCareNow Leadership and Wrap Up | Presentation

5:15 pm | Happy Trails

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