Please reserve Thursday, September 30 and Friday, October 1 for our Live Online Community Conference (LOCC), Stronger Together: Cultivating Our Shared Future. 

Register Now for the Fall Live Online Community Conference

The LOCC will take place on the Pathable platform. You must register first before you are given access to the platform. 


There will be a small registration fee for select community members to attend the LOCC: 

  • ALL Patients, Parents/Caregivers: No Charge 
  • ICN Physician, Advanced Practice Clinicians (Physician Assistants, & Nurse Practitioners): $250 
  • ICN QI Team Members (Coordinator, Nurse, Dietitian, Psycho-Social): $100 
  • Non-ICN Physician, Advanced Practice Clinicians (Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners): $300 
  • Non-ICN Coordinator, Nurse, Dietitian, Psycho-Social: $150 
  • Other: $400 
  • Non-profits please contact Jen for rates. 

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