Refer to the following list of options as you decide which breakout sessions to attend at the ImproveCareNow Fall 2022 Community Conference. Consult with colleagues attending from your center (including parent and patient partners) to maximize your team’s exposure to these sessions—plan to divide and conquer! Please contact [email protected] with any questions about these breakouts.

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Thursday, September 22

11:35 am CT Community Proposed Breakouts I

Clinical: (2 presentations)

1) IBD Chat: A Telehealth Success

2) Transition and Transfer Around the World: Barriers, Facilitators and Learnings from Both Sides of the Atlantic

Psychosocial: Supporting the Whole Person in Pediatric IBD Care: Navigating Being a ‘Good’ Patient and Experiences of Grief in Chronic Illness

  • Recognize the role of seeing patients and families as whole people and the impact on IBD care (e.g., adherence, transition readiness)​
  • Understand the complex and dynamic nature of grief associated with a patient’s journey with chronic illness​
  • Understand the importance of grief in helping patients cope with loss​
  • Understand the roles of each individual in supporting whole person care in pediatric IBD (GI provider, psychologist, parent, patient)​
  • Identify strategies to support whole person care of pediatric IBD patients (e.g., language considerations, topics/content to normalize for families)

Engagement: Achieving Equity in Patient Engagement

  • Participants will leave the session with a menu of strategies to improve equitable recruitment and engagement processes of Patient and Family Partners (PFPs) at their care center, will have had a chance to brainstorm a PDSA, and they will be prepared to bring their plan to their care team for discussion and implementation

Technology / Quality Improvement: Advancing Population Management: Utilizing the EMR to Enhance Biologic TDM

  • Define proactive therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), the clinical importance of therapeutic drug levels, and the frequency of subtherapeutic anti-TNF levels
  • Describe the impact quality improvement initiatives can have on the standardization and utilization of TDM
  • Detail how the use of automated and innovative technology can improve the efficiency and resources required for QI initiatives

2 pm CT Community Proposed Breakouts II

Research: (2 presentations)

1) Real World Effectiveness of Vedolizumab for the Treatment of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease

2) Phenotype of Pediatric IBD in Asian American Children

  • This session will provide updates on the above studies by each of the investigators.

Psychosocial: Pediatric Patient Autonomy

Engagement: An Evolving Journey at Levine Children’s Hospital: Generating Social Engagement and Support

  • Generate ideas for starting initiatives at their own centers
  • Consideration of funding sources
  • Ideas for outreach and promotion of events

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Outpatient Setting: A Quality Improvement Initiative

2:40 pm CT Pathway to Mastery Learning Lab Breakouts

3:25 pm CT Community Breakouts

Clinical: Breaking Biosimilar Barriers: Incorporating Biosimilars into Your Practice

Nutrition: Dietary Therapies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Implications on Health and Disease

  • Define and understand the importance of diet in IBD

Psychosocial: Let’s Get Personal: Teaming Up to Address Important Topics in Adolescent and Young Adult Health

  • Understand the impact and interactions of IBD and reproductive health and substance use ​
  • Partner with patients and families to conduct open, respectful conversations about substance use and sexual and reproductive health
  • Learn where there are gaps in patient education surrounding sex and drug/alcohol use ​
  • Discuss language/assumptions which can be harmful to patients when having these talks ​
  • Apply and analyze strategies to more effectively address sexual health needs in a sensitive and inclusive way ​
  • Identify tools and clinical process to facilitate such conversations as part of routine care 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Increasing Diversity in Pediatric IBD Clinical Trials: An Opportunity

  • Gain insights into the diversity of research subjects in published clinical trials both in adults and pediatrics
  • Understand clinical trial participation from panelists lived experiences as a patient or a provider from a diverse background​
  • Identify strategies to bridge the gap from experience and perspective to increase diversity in future clinical trials


4:40 pm CT Research Plenary 

Research updates from COMBINE and SaFR Kids

For questions from this session, please email [email protected]


Friday, September 23

11 am CT Community Proposed Breakouts IV

Clinical: Venous Thromboembolism in Pediatric IBD: Approaches for Screening and Prevention in Hospitalized Patients

  • Understand and identify risk factors for VTE in pediatric IBD patients
  • Use physical and pharmacological methods for thromboprophylaxis in hospitalized pediatric IBD patients
  • Feel empowered to develop plans at your center to improve awareness of and prevention around VTE in hospitalized PIBD

Nutrition: Decreasing Barriers to Utilization of the Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet (CDED)

  • Understand the challenges with and opportunities for implementing this novel diet therapy across the network
  • Showcase the role of process mapping and PDSAs in increasing access and decreasing barriers to utilization of CDED
  • Highlight next steps in future QI work on CDED implementation

Clinical: Treat to Target (T2T): A New Era of IBD Care

  • Learn "the what and why" of Treat 2 Target ​
  • Analyze and understand baseline data as an impetus of change​
  • Implement different methods of intervention for improving outcomes with PDSA cycles​
  • Understand the role of all clinical and non-clinical members in the care of IBD patients 

Technology / Quality Improvement: Using the Registry to Drive Outcomes

  • Become familiar with the ICN Outcomes registry functionality and reports to improve patient outcomes

12 pm CT Role Specific Breakouts

Join your colleagues to discuss updates to current projects, celebrate successes, troubleshoot any challenges and identify new opportunities to contribute to the community. Handouts or items to reference during this session will be listed below.



Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Nurses

Social Work & Psychosocial Professionals (SWAP)

Patient Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent/Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

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