We know that many of the most innovative and potentially high-impact ideas for improving IBD care are likely to come from those living with the condition daily. In 2017 we launched the ImproveCareNow Patient and Parent Innovation Fund and funded two exciting patient-and-parent-led projects.

One of the highlights of the Spring 2018 ImproveCareNow Community Conference was getting to hear updates on the activities carried out to date by both of these project teams. The parent-led teams from both MassGeneral Hospital for Children and Stanford Children's Health have hit the ground running and already have lessons and ideas for the rest of the community to steal shamelessly.




Having begun to demonstrate the value of supporting parent and patient-led projects, and with continued support from the David R. Clare and Margaret C. Clare Foundation, we are excited to announce Round Two of the ImproveCareNow Patient and Parent Innovation Fund. 

In Round Two, ImproveCareNow will again provide financial and  other resources to two innovative projects. These projects must be proposed and led by patients or parents at ImproveCareNow centers and/or who are active members of the ImproveCareNow Patient Advisory Council or Parent Working Group.

The selected projects will support the ImproveCareNow community’s mission to transform the health, care and costs for all children and adolescents with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. We hope that the projects will also enhance and expand participation in the community, giving more patients, parents, and others the opportunity to become part of this learning health system.

Proposals are being accepted through June 1 and will be reviewed by a community panel (including clinicians, parents, patients, and ICN leadership) that will assess each project’s alignment with community goals, potential impact, and appropriate scale and scope for the funding provided. Funded projects will receive clinician or improvement expert mentoring, project management support, and ongoing feedback from Network leaders and faculty. ImproveCareNow will work with the leaders of the funded projects to determine the best way to spread and promote the project to this entire community of improvers. Projects that are not funded in the 2018 cycle will also benefit from feedback, as well as potential connections to others interested in partnering in similar activities.

We are so very delighted to continue to learn from our community of patient and parent innovators and improvers!


About ImproveCareNow

ImproveCareNow is a Learning Health Network dedicated to transforming care, health and costs for all children and youth with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD) by building a sustainable collaborative chronic care network. We are enabling patients, families, clinicians and researchers to work together in a learning health care system to accelerate innovation, discovery and the application of new knowledge. We invite everyone interested in getting kids with IBD better right now to join us!

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If you believe you should have received the email with an application for this opportunity, but did not, please contact us.

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