On July 19, 2017 the Bruce and Cynthia Sherman Charitable Foundation announced that Dr. Lee Denson, Director of the Schubert-Martin IBD Center at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, a founding member of the ImproveCareNow Network, was selected as a recipient of the 2017 Sherman Prize for significant achievements in advancing research and innovative care models that have improved the health and wellness of millions of Americans living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, also known as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

The Sherman Prize Selection Committee and Board of Directors selected Dr. Denson for this honor based on his career dedicated to helping children with IBD by sharing best practices through processes he has developed, and to studying new treatments that have transformed the status quo.

According to a press release issued by the Bruce and Cynthia Sherman Charitable Foundation, “One of Dr. Denson's most significant contributions has been his leading role in the IBD community to identify and share best practices in pediatric IBD care.  Under Dr. Denson's leadership, Cincinnati Children's became one of the seven founding sites for the Pediatric IBD Quality Improvement Network – now known as Improve Care Now [sic] (ICN). By leading the establishment of careful monitoring, tracking and planning processes tailored to each individual patient, Dr. Denson and his team have improved remission rates at Cincinnati Children's from 60 percent to 85 percent. One of the most successful components of this plan has been the implementation of a self-management program for teens that helps them comply with their therapeutic regimen. This program empowers his teen patients to successfully transition to adult care when they head off to college – a critical juncture for young people with IBD.”

Dr. Denson has been an active and strong supporter of ImproveCareNow’s work at Cincinnati Children’s. We are pleased and proud to celebrate his achievement – winning the 2017 Sherman Prize!” – Peter A. Margolis, MD, PhD, ImproveCareNow Scientific Director

Please join us in celebrating the success of our colleague, Dr. Lee Denson!


About ImproveCareNow

ImproveCareNow is a Learning Health Network dedicated to transforming care, health and costs for all children and youth with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD) by building a sustainable collaborative chronic care network. We are enabling patients, families, clinicians and researchers to work together in a learning health care system to accelerate innovation, discovery and the application of new knowledge. We invite everyone interested in getting kids with IBD better right now to join us!

About the Sherman Prize

The Sherman Prize was established in 2016 by the Bruce and Cynthia Sherman Charitable Foundation to recognize and reward outstanding contributions by healthcare professionals, medical researchers, public health advocates and educators who are advancing patient care, medical research and public service in the field of Crohn's and colitis. Every year, two Sherman Prizes of $100,000 each are awarded to individuals with extraordinary records of achievement addressing the challenges of IBD, and a $25,000 Sherman Emerging Leader Prize is awarded to an individual who demonstrates high potential. By consistently elevating excellent work in IBD and supporting future efforts, the Sherman Prize aims to inspire others through a ripple effect, as word of successes spreads from community to community. To learn more about the Sherman Prize and sign up for notification of the 2018 nomination period, please visit www.ShermanPrize.org.



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