ImproveCareNow was recently included on a Healthline resource page to help direct people seeking help or information about Crohn’s disease.

ImproveCareNow is a non-profit organization that brings together patients, parents, clinical care teams, researchers, improvers and friends in a collaborative community focused on improving health & care of children living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Since ImproveCareNow began in 2007, we have increased the number of kids in remission with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in our Network. To do this, participating centers collect standardized data during all clinic visits, monitor individual and overall performance, compare outcomes, and partner with patients and families to identify, share and spread the best evidence, tools and support for helping patients with IBD get better faster, and stay well longer.

ImproveCareNow models an “all teach, all learn” collaborative approach to medicine. By working together across disciplines, across care centers, and across our community, we are able to share new ideas and best practices seamlessly and introduce real improvements into the care delivery process much faster—improving care and outcomes for our patients now.

Join the ImproveCareNow Community today.

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