ImproveCareNow Learning Labs are small groups of care centers with key characteristics in common or who are working on similar issues. Our Learning Lab structure enables centers to work more closely together to catalyze improvement and to maintain personal connections as the Network grows.  With the Pathway to Mastery initiative, Learning Labs are assigned to a designated pathway (Foundations, Achieving Remission, Achieving Sustained Remission) to drive improvement with a similar area of interest. Aims for each Learning Lab are listed below. 


Foundations - Register more than 75% of IBD population in less than 9 months of site activation

Achieving Remission

Pre-Visit Planning and Population Management - Increase the percentage of centers reliably implementing established pre-visit planning and population management processes.

Achieving Sustained Remission

Clinical Standardization / Personalized Care - Participating centers will develop and standardize care pathways to increase the percentage of IBD patients in sustained clinical remission

These groups meet monthly via webinar to share ideas and experiences, collaborate around new topics to support their Pathway, and work through any barriers they face. They also meet virtually and/or in person at ImproveCareNow Community Conferences. Each lab is co-led by a diverse team that include community clinicians, improvement coordinators, patients and parents, and a Quality Improvement Coach (QIC) who provides support, feedback, and new QI tools and helps nurture peer mentoring within the group.

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