Purpose: Although biologic therapies, such as anti-TNF, have improved outcomes, up to 30% have no initial response (primary nonresponders) while treatment responders frequently lose response over the following years. There is a crucial need to individualize Crohn’s disease therapy by utilizing a patients’ immune profile to both predict and monitor therapeutic responses over time to reduce costs associated with poorly controlled Crohn’s. Our grant proposal is centered on the primary hypothesis that proactive monitoring of neutrophil CD64, soluble CD64 and infliximab trough concentrations at the end of induction will provide clinicians with treatment targets in order to improve rates of secondary nonresponse.

Primary/Secondary Outcomes:

  • Primary: Neutrophil CD64 index and soluble CD64 and infliximab response.
  • Secondary: Neutrophil CD64 index, soluble CD64 and infliximab concentration.

Funding Source  Trustee Award, CCHMC, funded 2016

Study Period: July 2016- October 2020

Contact: Study Coordinator, Kimberly Jackson

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