As co-chair of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) Advocacy task force, I am excited to announce our new Accommodations Toolkit! Becky and I (with lots of support from the entire PAC and ICN social workers) developed this toolkit as a resource to help patients, parents and providers better understand and navigate the accommodations process.

Many patients with IBD experience difficulties in school, work and every day life because of barriers such as frequent absences/extended sick leave, trouble concentrating due to symptoms, or needing to take time off for appointments, surgeries or procedures. Accommodations can provide individuals living with IBD extra support, flexibility and/or modifications necessary to help them address these challenges. Having accommodations in place before a flare means it will be easier for you to begin utilizing them as soon as you need them; so you can put your health first. Even if you're not actively flaring, accommodations are still good to have in place, because they can improve your quality of life and help you maintain remission.

Our new Accommodations Toolkit includes detailed information about:

  • What accommodations are
  • What types of accommodations are available for students (K-12 and higher education), employees and in everyday life
  • How accommodations can help improve quality of life for patients with IBD
  • How to set up accommodations
  • Tips from PAC members about the process of setting up and using accommodations

Members of the ICN Community will be the first to receive the Accommodations Toolkit in their email on December 13, 2018. Sign up to receive your copy at


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