It’s back to school time! For me (Fionna), accommodations and communicating with my professors have been super helpful! Let’s see what PAC members have to say about managing IBD at college, and how it impacts their routines.

Having a strong support system (family, friends, therapist) has helped me set reasonable goals for myself. Accommodations have also been key! – Maddie

Accommodations have made a HUGE difference in my school experience and have made being a student much more manageable! - PAC member

I make sure to pace out my work to avoid extra stress. - Madeline

I make sure to take breaks and take naps to prevent getting fatigued. - Rohit

I made sure to tell my professors, if needed, about my IBD! - PAC member

It’s been helpful to let my friends know what’s going on and how they can support me. - Avery

💚 The Patient Advisory Council has created resources to help you figure out Accommodations (for school, work and everyday life) and to share what's worked for them going to College with IBD. Visit our Accommodations page to check out & download these free resources.

💬 Talking about IBD is important, but not always easy. Visit our Talking About IBD page to find resources that can help get the conversation started and to remind you that you are not alone.

🎧 Listen to Back to School with IBD - an episode of the imPACt podcast where members Elise, Leela, Vanessa, and Madeline discuss the importance of getting accommodations in college, and how to manage dealing with infusions and flares during school. They also talk about how they deal with IBD during sports seasons, and how they transition their IBD care and routine into their school one. 


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Fionna and Vanessa are co-leads of the PAC Communications taskforce. In this role, they help PAC members share their IBD stories and experiences on social media, #InTheLOOP and across the IBD Community - to raise awareness, build community and help others with IBD know they are not alone. You can connect with Fionna, Vanessa and the PAC on social media @ICNPatients or by visiting and completing the contact form.

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