PAC member, Andi, once wrote: “I have learned that mental health is just as important as physical health.” Talking openly about the impacts IBD can have on mental health is important to shed light on how intertwined the two really are. Here’s Quint’s experience:

IBD has a couple ways that it affects me! I would say the most drastic way is that the medications I take (or sometimes miss) have a rather large impact on how I feel daily. For instance, during this pandemic, I have begun to notice that if I forget to take my iron, I start to get brain fog. When this begins to happen, I start to have a hard time focusing or sleeping and therefore my mental health starts to decline as my major things I have to do on a daily basis are unable to get done in a timely fashion.

These parts of my daily life and consistently staying on top of my mental health are influenced by often small, but disruptive problems that we, as patients, have to be especially cognizant of! As patients of invisible illness, it’s difficult as we have invisible burdens to worry about, which can lead to us having a hard time managing mental health sometimes!



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