IBD can feel lonely and isolating. It can really help to connect with and talk to other people who understand because they live with IBD too. Fionna shares what being part of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) means to her and how it has influenced her IBD journey:

The PAC has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Meeting other patients with a passion for advocating and spreading awareness about IBD has been inspiring. Because of a shared understanding of what it is like living with IBD, everyone is so supportive of each other and also comfortable being vulnerable with each other.

It is rewarding to not only be supportive of other PAC members but also know that we are doing work to help a larger network of IBD patients. Personally, I have become more comfortable talking about my IBD and advocating for myself by joining the PAC. I am excited to continue being part of the PAC and seeing what we accomplish together in advocacy work.



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PAC Moments is a series of short stories originally shared by members of the Patient Advisory Council on their social media channels. They are being re-shared on LOOP as a way to reach more people and raise more awareness of IBD. We hope you'll share these with others and ask them to take a moment to read + learn more about #LifeWithIBD 💚💙
Fionna and Vanessa are co-leads of the PAC Communications taskforce. In this role, they help PAC members share their IBD stories and experiences on social media, #InTheLOOP and across the IBD Community - to raise awareness, build community and help others with IBD know they are not alone. You can connect with Fionna, Vanessa and the PAC on social media @ICNPatients or by visiting improvecarenow.org/patients and completing the contact form.

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