Recently, we completed Social Media Week leading up to the Spring 2018 ImproveCareNow Community Conference. PAC Social Media Week is a time before a Community Conference, when we like to engage ICN members and the IBD Community and generate enthusiasm by sharing a personal and highly-focused series of quotes, pictures and stories. In the past, we’ve addressed questions like "What is your IBD story?" "What or who motivates you to keep on fighting?" and "How do you/or the PAC raise awareness for IBD?" This year we focused on the core values of ImproveCareNow. With the help of PAC members, we were able to compose a post for each day, sharing a core value and what it means to them.

Here are some #ICNCC18S PAC Social Media Week highlights:

As Co-chairs of the PAC Communications Task Force, Natalie and I were so pleased to be able to organize and participate in this Social Media Week. We hope by sharing the patient perspective on ICN Core Values, we have reminded all our fellow improvers of how special and important ImproveCareNow is. From Doctors to GI Coordinators, we all work hard to help patients get the best care, so they can reach remission and stay there. As IBD patients, we value the inclusivity, honesty, transparency, empowerment, learning, and continuous improvement that we each give and receive as part of this ImproveCareNow family. Thank you community! We hope the work of PAC Communications Task Force continues to inspire you.

Do you know a patient who might be interested in connecting with the PAC? We invite you to share our social media information with patients and families at your center.

Improvers, you can keep the conversation going by sharing thoughts on The ICN Core Values on social media! Just make sure to tag us (@icnpatients), and we will re-post on our social media accounts. We'd love to hear from you!


Patients are invited to connect with the PAC

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