Traveling with IBD, whether it be inside or outside the country, isn’t always easy. However, the PAC has created a new tool to answer questions, share experiences, and hopefully help ease some of the stress of traveling with IBD! Initially, we planned to offer information for patients wanting to study abroad. After giving this idea some more thought, PAC members decided a toolkit with general information about traveling is more relatable and would help more people. Thus, the Travel Toolkit was born!

The purpose of the Travel Toolkit is to share personal stories about traveling with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, answer questions, and identify tips and techniques that can make travel easier, safer and more comfortable. It is made up of direct quotes from 17 PAC members about their travel experiences; what works and what doesn’t work. The responses are grouped into sections about general traveling experiences, medications, nutrition and stress & general tips. After each section there is a summary with key takeaway information.

We hope the Travel Toolkit will answer IBD-specific travel-related questions based on PAC members’ experiences. There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to travel with IBD, but when we share everything we have learned and help each other we can hopefully travel better, more comfortably and with less stress.


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