We’ve had a dynamic year, filled with changes! Looking back on all that we have accomplished, we can’t help but be excited for the upcoming year, the exciting things we have planned, and the goals we plan to achieve. The PAC will be saying so-long to 2015 and ringing in the New Year with a redesigned council structure, new task force leaders, and new co-chairs.

The PAC made some changes in 2015!

Our former co-chairs, Sami and Jennie, stepped down and new co-chairs Bianca and Alex began leading the PAC through many exciting changes. With the transition of the co-chairs, the PAC also restructured the council – creating 3 task forces: Communications, Recruitment, and Advocacy.

Communications is responsible for our social media activity. Task force members are increasing our Twitter presence, and have created an Instagram account. Find us and connect on Twitter & Instagram with our username: @ICNpatients



Recruitment is responsible for, not surprisingly, locating and on-boarding new patients. During 2015, we were excited to welcome seven new members and we look forward to working with them on projects in the New Year.

Advocacy is responsible for increasing awareness and understanding of IBD. In 2015 the advocacy task force accomplished two projects: the Ostomy Toolkit and Project WOW. The Ostomy Toolkit was designed to assist in introducing ostomies to patients. Project WOW took place during the Fall Community Conference and brought awareness to participants about what patients with ostomies may face. Both projects were very successful. The Fall Community Conference also marked the largest patient presence at any ImproveCareNow conference to date!

The PAC is planning for growth & greater impact in 2016.

We plan to double the size of the PAC in 2016, ending the year with at least 40 members. PAC leadership will work to actively engage members and empower them to further their leadership in the IBD and ImproveCareNow community. We will strive to match our members with projects and opportunities that capture their interests to deepen involvement in the council – this will allow us to tackle even more together. We hope to have the opportunity to grow the PAC presence at ImproveCareNow Community Conferences.


We plan to build awareness of our work by increasing our social media presence in 2016. We believe Twitter and Instagram are two of the best tools for communication available to our widespread council. We’re excited to be revamping the “Flat Jennie” kit and developing and implementing a Mentoring Program, which will engage patients in supporting one another across the community. We’ll keep you updated here on LOOP, and on social media so stay tuned!

On behalf on the PAC, thank you for your support! We are blessed to have had a successful and empowering 2015 and are excited to continue growing and increase our impact in 2016.

Happy Holidays from the PAC!

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