ImproveCareNow (ICN) believes that when patients and caregivers are true partners in the design and delivery of their IBD care, we can achieve even better outcomes. One way our learning health network fosters this commitment to partnering with our pediatric IBD families is through our Community Conference scholarship program. Scholarships allow patients and/or caregivers to attend our in-person meetings at no cost to them.

Characteristically, medical conferences have been designed specifically for medical professionals. The ability to offer an enriching and accessible, content-focused conference presents significant challenges for conference organizers and attendees. In ICN we view this challenge as an opportunity and are continuously improving our conferences to include all members of our community. Patients and caregivers not only attend as full participants in our conferences, many of our sessions are also co-created and presented by these vital partners.

The Richard B. Colletti Family Fund supports ICN conference scholarships

Through our Colletti Fund, which is named for ICN co-founder Dr. Richard B. Colletti, ICN we provided 20 full scholarships for patients and caregivers to attend our in-person Fall 2023 Community Conference in Louisville, KY. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a patient or parent/caregiver's full participation at an in-person conference, please consider a donation to the Richard B. Colletti Family Fund

Reflections on the value of attending ICN conferences

Following their experience at #ICNCC23F, conference scholarship recipients were asked to complete a brief questionnaire to help ICN understand the value of participation and opportunities for improvement from this important stakeholder perspective.

“I am completely impressed by the way the conference created a sense of community. Doctors can sometimes feel inaccessible, but everyone felt like equal, committed partners who could all learn and benefit from what each person brought to the conference. It was an incredible experience!” – Nichole

“The conference is always a life-changing experience that leaves me feeling empowered and optimistic about the future of children and young adults living with IBD.” – Maria

“The entire conference was an empowering experience, and I find it difficult to pinpoint a single highlight. The wealth of knowledge and connections I gained has inspired me to explore ways to become more actively involved in this community.” – Tomiyo

Becky's story about the impact of a conference scholarship



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