The patient voice is one to be heard. In 2011, the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for theImproveCareNow Network was established to provide valuable input and act as an advocate, as well as serve as a resource and co-designer for the Collaborative Chronic Care Network (C3N).

A diverse group of pediatric and young adult patients, our members come together to help represent the 10,000 patients within ImproveCareNow – a collaboration that both empowers themselves within their own care and guides clinicians and researchers in bettering health outcomes for others. Our PAC Chair, Jill Plevinsky (pictured below), was diagnosed when she was just 7 years old. “Every day is a battle,” she explains. Now a graduate student at Tufts University, Jill understands what it takes to lead a group striving to improve care for others: “All our members were diagnosed as a child and have experience with pediatric care. Our experiences can help transform what tools come out of C3N for the Network to use to improve care for their patients.”

Meet the PAC!  Watch their stories by visiting our YouTube channel.

The PAC is looking for new members, and wants you to consider joining. “One voice can make a difference, and a group of people can influence positive change,” says Ally Bain, the individual behind Ally’s Law and a PAC member. The power of collaboration can change lives through improved health.

So what are the patients of PAC up to?

 ·     Providing guidance on developing a game for kids with IBD

·     Participating in N of 1 Trials

·     Creating videos to educate and build awareness in the IBD patient community

·     Meeting monthly to review current C3N interventions and provide feedback to researchers


If you feel inspired to make a difference and use your voice, take action now by becoming a PAC member. For more information and to sign up, contact Jill Plevinsky.

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