Remember potty training your precocious toddler?

Remember running to the bathroom to teach your child the proper way to use the potty? Now, imagine potty training your recently diagnosed IBD toddler. Who would have ever predicted that we would be dashing to the bathroom about 20 times in ONE day? This was our introduction to the world of Crohn's!

My son was 18-months-old when his symptoms said, "hello world, we're here to stay!" I could not predict that it would lead to two years of lab work, barium testing, medication hit-and-miss, medical appointments, tearful tummy aches, and his first scope by the age of three. But what I did predict was that we would eventually get to the bottom of this (yes, pun intended!)

The team at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco, CA did help us get to the bottom of it and have since helped us achieve a successful remission. We love our care center/team and daily we feel grateful. My son is now 15 and a half, doing well (we had a minor setback last year), and is overall happy and healthy!

I never could have predicted that 2018 would bring me to this amazing realm called ImproveCareNow; it's opened me to a new network of friends - parents who are on the same journey. My hope, my wish and my prediction are that we will eventually find a cure and beat IBD. Until then, let's ImproveCareNow together!


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