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Discussing surgery for IBD can be challenging for patients, parents, and providers

A team of patients, parents, doctors, psychologists, and nurses from Dayton Children's Hospital created a tool with financial and network resources from the ImproveCareNow Patient and Parent Innovation Fund, made possible with support the David R. Clare and Margaret C. Clare Foundation, to help patients and families navigate the complex medical decision-making process related to considering surgery in IBD.  

Since it was introduced at the Spring 2022 Live Online Community Conference, this interactive, shared decision-making (SDM) virtual tool has been viewed by hundreds of IBD patients and providers around the world. Yet the utility and experience of using this virtual tool remains unknown for patients, parents, and providers.

An ImproveCareNow research study is underway!

Following three years of clinical observations, the creators of this virtual tool are examining the perceived impact, utility, and effectiveness of a shared decision-making (SDM) tool for surgery in pediatric IBD.

The research team aims to understand the lived experiences of key stakeholder groups (patients, parents, and providers) who have used this shared decision-making (SDM) virtual tool. The research team hopes that this study will provide insights from patients, parents, and providers about the impact, utility, and effectiveness of this virtual tool for pediatric IBD patients considering surgery moving forward.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Patients aged 12-24 years old diagnosed with IBD who have used the ImproveCareNow IBD Surgery Shared-Decision Making (SDM) Virtual Tool
  • Parents of patients diagnosed with IBD whose children have been recommended, considered, or undergone surgery by a healthcare provider and have used the IBD Surgery Shared-Decision Making (SDM) Virtual Tool
  • Pediatric gastroenterologists or advanced practice practitioners actively caring for patients with IBD who have viewed the IBD Surgery Shared-Decision Making (SDM) Virtual Tool in its entirety.

What does participation in the study look like?

If you decide to participate in this research study, you will be asked to complete one of the following:

💚 Patients will be asked to complete a one-time phone or video interview (depending on patient preference) that is expected to take less than 60 minutes.

💙 Parents will complete a one-time phone or video interview (depending on parent preference) that is expected to take less than 60 minutes.

Patients and/or parents will have a brief consenting/scheduling call with a member of the research team before the interview.

💚 Providers will complete a cross-sectional REDCap survey that is expected to take less than 10 minutes.

What are the risks and benefits?

  • The risks associated with participating in this study are minimal. There are no known physical risks, and there is a slight risk of mild psychological distress when discussing surgery and ostomies. Participants may stop and discontinue the study if distressed at any time.
  • There is no immediate direct benefit in participating in this study. Ultimately, the research team anticipates that improved understanding of the current impact, utility, and effectiveness of the IBD Shared-Decision Making (SDM) Virtual Tool will allow researchers and clinicians to best use the virtual tool moving forward.


To thank patients or parents for their time in completing interviews, they will be mailed $25 gift cards. Providers will not be compensated for study participation.

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