Clinicians, Researchers, Parents & Patients Working Together in the ImproveCareNow Community

Sarah Myers - ImproveCareNow Executive Improvement Director


Clinicians, Researchers, Parents & Patients Working Together in the ImproveCareNow Community Part 2 

Peter Margolis, MD, PhD - ImproveCareNow Executive Scientific Director 


Our Quality Improvement Foundation

Setting our Course: ImproveCareNow Model Care Guidelines

Andrew Grossman, MD – Co-Chair ImproveCareNow Clinical Committee


Improvement at the Care Center Level: Social Work Driven Self-Management and Transition

Erin Holbrook, MSW, LSW – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


A Community-Wide Priority: Pre-Visit Planning ImproveCareNow

Esther Israel, MD – Mass General Hospital for Children


Research Updates and Highlights from the Spring Community Conference

From Idea to Dissemination: What Does it Mean to Co-Produce Research in ImproveCareNow

David Wohl, MD – Parent Working Group, Research Subcommittee


The COMBINE Trial: Overview and Early Reflections

Michael Kappelman, MD, MPH – COMBINE Trial Principal Investigator


The PRODUCE Study: What is an N of 1 Experiment?

Lisa Opipari, PhD – PRODUCE Study Co-Principal Investigator

Julie Stone – PRODUCE Study Parent Partner


A Growing & Dynamic Portfolio of Parent & Patient Driven Projects

The ImproveCareNow Patient Advisory Council: Growing Up, Improving, and Leading with IBD

Alex Jofriet – ImproveCareNow Patient Advisory Council

The ImproveCareNow Parent Working Group: Partnering to Improve Care for the Pediatric IBD Community

Julia Ament-Cox & Justin Vandergrift – ImproveCareNow Parent Working Group


So Many Ways to Participate!

Michael Seid, PhD & ImproveCareNow Team

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