Introduction to ImproveCareNow & Clinical Director

Richard Colletti, MD - ImproveCareNow Executive Network Director

Shehzad Saeed, MD, FAAP, AGAF - ImproveCareNow Clinical Director

"This community has shaped me deeply" - Ignite Talk

Catalina Berenblum - Patient Advisory Council Co-Chair 

Patient Advisory Council Updates

Maddie Huwe - Patient Advisory Council 

Coronavirus Perspectives from Patients 

Becky Woolf - Patient Advisory Council

Quint Townsend - Patient Advisory Council 

Chloe Sayers - Patient Advisory Council 

Self-Care in Isolation

Noel J. Jacobs, PhD -  OU Health Sciences Center

Introducing the IBD Surgery Shared Decision-Making Tool 

Shellie Doub - Parent, Dayton Children's Hospital 

Kelly Sandberg, MD - Dayton Children's Hospital 

Parent Working Group Updates

Maria Tribble - Parent Working Group

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