ImproveCareNow Spring 2023 Live Online Community Conference. April 27 & April 28. Foundation for Success.

On Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28, ICN is hosting a Live Online Community Conference (LOCC). Sessions begin on April 27 at 10 AM ET (9 AM CT, 8 AM MT, 7 AM PT) and continue through 4:50 PM ET. Sessions resume again on April 28 at 10 AM ET and continue through the early part of the day, with a wrap up scheduled at 2:30 PM ET. 

All are welcome to join us for this interactive, online event and we are proud to be able to offer FREE registration to patients and parents/caregivers. When you register for the LOCC you have the option to attend sessions live or enjoy them later when it is convenient for you. All registrants will receive 60-day access to session recordings which will cover topics such as: diet & IBD, new therapeutics, whole person care, data driven improvements in care & outcomes, IUS, healthcare equity, pediatric IBD research, transition clinics, improving injection experience, A-LiNK, patient empowerment, new Ignite Talks

Our Live Online Community Conference format presents a unique opportunity for anyone who may be interested - patients, parents, clinicians, researchers, improvers, friends - to register and join us for a virtual meeting. Leveraging the collaborative power of our Learning Health Community, we can come together across the miles explore important and timely IBD topics, to raise awareness, share new information, ask questions and move forward together to further our mission of transforming health, care and costs for all children and adolescents with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Our #ICNCC23S plenary sessions cover topics that ICN community members are engaged and interested in:

Join Dr. Charlie Lees for the Richard B. Colletti Clinical Plenary session 

As usual, patients and parents/caregivers are active co-designers and contributors to the LOCC. Here is a listing of the sessions and breakouts they are engaged in:

💙 Ignite Talks 🔥 by Hannah Malerman and Jane Weyer

💚 Support Beyond the Clinic: Whole Person Care

💙 Healthcare Equity: Applying Early Learnings from ICN Center Initiatives

💚 Bedside Intestinal Ultrasound: The ABCs of IUS

💙 Making Pokes Less Painful: Integrated Psychology and Pharmacy Injection Teaches in IBD

💚 A Virtual Approach to IBD Transition Clinic

💙 A-LiNK: Trailblazing care for patients with Autoimmune Liver Disease and their families

💚 Patient Empowerment: Inclusion, Support and Representation

Download the #ICNCC23S agenda for a complete listing of sessions and make your plan to join us! We welcome all improvers to join us and are proud to be able to offer FREE registration for patients and parents/caregivers. When you register for the conference you have the option to attend sessions live or enjoy them later when it is convenient for you. All registrants receive 60-day access to LOCC content. Please note that in order to qualify for available continuing education credits attendees must be present during live sessions.  

As you consider what you're most excited to learn more about and think about the LOCC insights you want to discuss with and spread to others in the IBD community, we encourage you to connect with us on Twitter (and other attendees via our Twitter Listto join the conversation no matter where you are!

Our Spring 2023 Live Online Community Conference hashtag - #ICNCC23S - was created via Symplur and the Healthcare Hashtag Project, which is aimed at connecting the dots in healthcare social media. By including #ICNCC23S in posts and tweets from and about the LOCC we can generate and share learning and ideas, make connections with our colleagues and community, and spread awareness of ImproveCareNow and IBD.


ImproveCareNow is made up of more than 100 care centers and has a presence on three continents, with 90% of the highest ranked pediatric gastroenterology programs in the U.S., including all ten of the U.S. News and World Reports 2022/2023 Honor Roll Children’s Hospitals as members. With 950 pediatric gastroenterologists and 30,000 IBD patients, ImproveCareNow reaches approximately 55% of IBD patients in the U.S. cared for by pediatric gastroenterologists. ImproveCareNow Community Conferences present the ideal opportunity to engage with these committed healthcare providers, patients and parents, and to learn about recent results in our research and improvement efforts.
Everything we do in ImproveCareNow is magnified by the efforts of thousands of other improvers, and together we bring about a better quality of life for many. Here are some actions you can take, or invite others to take:
  • Invite someone to stay #InTheLOOP with IBD stories on the ICN blog "Sharing stories and experiences is affirming and validating. Our stories reach others and they help, which is the most wonderful part of being involved with ImproveCareNow." - Quint 
  • Invite a patient (14+) to join the Patient Advisory Council - "Being part of the PAC helps me remember that I'm not alone in this journey." - Rhea 
  • Invite a parent or family member of a child with IBD to join the Parent/Family Advisory Council - "I was astounded by the instant bond established with parents I had never met. Every conversation provided me with strength. It ignited another purpose in my life." - Maria
  • Invite someone to download free, co-produced IBD resources - "Physical resources provide patients with actions that we can take toward bettering our quality of life, as well as our current and future care." - Quint
  • Invite someone to Join Our CIRCLE - "Resources we found in CIRCLE eNews do not just focus on physical health, but also on critical areas like social-emotional needs, nutrition, back-to-school planning and mindfulness. These are valuable tools for my son to remain healthy." - Lisa

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