Dear Friends,

ImproveCareNow has had enormous success since it began 10 years ago. Together we have increased remission rates for thousands of children and youth with IBD, transformed how care is being provided, enlightened and excited clinicians and other care providers, and engaged patients and parents in a common mission and work.

We have been involved in over $30 million of grant funded projects, built a research infrastructure, initiated industry-sponsored research and formed fruitful relationships with foundations and funding agencies. Our work is widely acclaimed, as epitomized by the 2016 Drucker Prize. Most importantly, the ImproveCareNow Network of centers, clinicians, researchers, patients, parents and other professionals have changed the way people think about how to improve the health, care and cost of children and youth with IBD.

But this has been just the first decade. This is just the beginning.

With a presence on three continents, ImproveCareNow has grown to 95 care centers, including all 11 of the Honor Roll Children’s Hospitals and 90% of the highest ranked pediatric gastroenterology programs in the US. With 900 pediatric gastroenterologists and 27,000 patients with IBD, 55% of patients with IBD in the US cared for by pediatric gastroenterologists are at ImproveCareNow centers. At our current rate of growth, we will reach 75% by 2020.

I think I speak for all people in the ImproveCareNow community when I say that I look forward to collaborating with you in 2017 as we continue our exciting work together, plan for another innovative decade and create our future. If you haven't joined our community yet, I hope you will.

Best Wishes,

Richard B. Colletti, MD

President and Executive Network Director, ImproveCareNow

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