Purpose: The severity and extent of ulcerative colitis can vary from limited proctitis (only the rectum) to pancolitis (the entire colon). Adults are more likely to have limited proctitis, while children are more likely to have pancolitis at the time of diagnosis.  Beyond that, little is known about the variation in colitis among different pediatric age groups.  The purpose of this study is to describe the extent of colitis at the time of diagnosis among pediatric patients with ulcerative colitis and indeterminate colitis (also called IBD-U).

Primary/ Secondary Outcomes

  • Primary Outcome: Extent of colitis
  • Secondary Outcome: Other patient characteristics

Funding Source: N/A

Study Period: 2016-2020

Recruitment Status: This study makes use of existing data in the ICN registry. No patient recruitment at this time.

Contact: ImproveCareNow Research

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