Accommodations for Students (K-12 & Higher Ed), Employees & Everyday Life

Many patients with IBD experience difficulties in school, work and everyday life because of barriers such as frequent absences/extended sick leave, trouble concentrating due to symptoms, or needing to take time off for appointments, surgeries or procedures. Accommodations can provide individuals living with IBD extra support, flexibility and/or modifications necessary to help address these challenges.

Download the Accommodations Toolkit 

Download the Accommodations Highlight - a one-pager with highlights from the 23-page resource

College & IBD

Navigating the transition to college can be overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a chronic illness like IBD. This toolkit identifies resources to make the process less stressful. Whether you’re a high schooler, in college, or a family member, this handbook can help guide you through the process. Find information about choosing the right school, preparing for college, and surviving classes, dorms, and dining with IBD!

Download the College & IBD Toolkit

Download the College & IBD Highlight - a one-pager with highlights from the 11-page resource

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