If I knew then what I know now, going away to camp would be a whole different story. I was never one who liked being away from home-especially at night. The thought of being far away from home (in a completely different state mind you) and spending the night not in my bed was completely out of the question. I was not going to leave the comfort and security of my own home. Oh, how I wish I would have convinced myself to participate sooner.

Camp Oasis is not simply a camp, it’s a home away from home. Camp Oasis gives individuals like me the opportunity to push ourselves to the limits. Camp Oasis is a co-ed residential summer camp program, for kids with IBD, that provides a safe and supportive camp community. I have been part of the GA/Alabama/FL Camp Oasis Family for four years now.

My first year as a camper I felt like family from the moment I arrived. My fears of being away, unsure of new experiences, and wanting others to like me disappeared almost instantly. My mother had a harder time leaving me than I did leaving her. The week went by so fast; I gained lifelong friends, and a new sense of confidence and independence and memories that will last forever. I returned the following summer (2015) as a LIT (Leader in training) and the summer of 2016 (my senior year in HS) I had to wait out (camp rules) to be a counselor, the following year. That was the longest summer-I missed my friends, the counselors and staff of Camp Oasis. In the summer of 2017 I (along with 5 of my friends) returned to camp as a Camp Counselor. I arrived at camp apprehensive of my new role, but as soon as I got settled in my nerves went away. What a great experience this has been going from a camper to a counselor in four short years. Camp Oasis-is a place to put away all our troubles and just be KIDS! 


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