About a year ago, I was tasked with leading a small project: to redesign ImproveCareNow’s website. We wanted to redesign the website by enhancing the look and feel, while making it easier to connect our ImproveCareNow community members with resources and information to improve care for kids with IBD

Network participants needed to easily connect with all of ImproveCareNow’s key platforms (ICN Exchange, Portal & Registry) and refer their patients and families to learn more about ImproveCareNow and how they can join our CIRCLE. Patients and families needed an easy way to connect with IBD tools curated by the ImproveCareNow community, connect to their local center or to the Patient Advisory Council and Parent Working Group. And we wanted to make it easier than ever to facilitate growth and excitement for ImproveCareNow’s CIRCLE – to be a part of the community that is helping to improve care for kids with IBD.

After months of strategizing with the very talented agency Veracity Media and working with key stakeholders in ImproveCareNow, we have finally launched the site!

Exciting new features include:

Care Centers 

Patients & family members can use our interactive map to locate, learn more about and connect with their local center. Your local center’s website, twitter & facebook pages can easily be found on the map - making it easier than ever to connect.




The official blog of ImproveCareNow and home of #myICN stories – LOOP - is now integrated on improvecarenow.org, making it easier than ever to read and share #myicn stories.

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Get Involved 

Find and connect with the opportunities and people that matter most to you! Join our CIRCLE and connect with the PAC & PWG. Researchers are invited to submit a proposal to the Research Committee.





Co-produced by a community focused on improving IBD care right now – we are building a library of IBD tools to improve care for kids with IBD. Connect with Smart Patients, easily find Visit Planners and the Ostomy Toolkit (co-produced with the PAC) and other tools to help manage IBD.



And for our network participants:

ImproveCareNow Hub 

Network participants can now access key ImproveCareNow platforms right from the homepage with a single click.



ImproveCareNow Projects 

Research and quality improvement projects and innovations will be highlighted here.




Make sure that you’re signed up as a member of the ImproveCareNow CIRCLE community and customize your account to stay in the LOOP with ICN blog posts, research opportunities and the most-up-to-date news from ImproveCareNow – delivered right to your inbox!

A website is a dynamic entity, so we’ll be continuing to improve and add new features that will help connect our CIRCLE community - to bring patients, families, healthcare professionals and researchers together to improve care for kids with IBD.

Stay tuned!

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